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  • Q. Why should I use your mailing list manager? What are the benefits of your software and why you are different?

    A. First of all it is totally unlimited. Most of our competitors will charge you for each email you sent and for each mailing list you have. We don’t have any extra or hidden charges. All our prices are one-time only. You don’t have to worry about the size of your mailing list, number of emails you going to send or anything like that.

    Our software will be fully installed on your side. It means that you will have full control over it. There will be no connection to any other servers. You will not be dependent on anybody else.

    We often update our software with latest technologies and provide free updates based on your feedback.

  • Q. Will you send me the source code?

    A. We provide full non-encoded source code to all World Wide and ISP license owners. You can make any changes to meet your personal needs.

  • Q. Is it a one-time cost or recurring?

    A. All our prices are one-time only. There are no any annual or hidden charges.

  • Q. Do I need dedicated server or is it enough to have shared hosting account?

    A. There’s no need to have dedicated server to use our software. We tried to make it as compatible as possible with most of hosting accounts.

    Basically it is enough to have any shared hosting account. We test our mailing list software with hundreds of cheap hosting accounts available on the market. It works absolutely fine with most of them.

  • Q. Will you install software for me?

    A. We’d love to! Please complete installation request form on our website or send us your details. We will be happy to take care of installation process for you immediately.

    Though installation is pretty simple and normally takes just a couple minutes.

  • Q. My email list is VERY large. I have millions of records. Can I still use your software?

    A. We always test our gold version with quite large email lists (more than 1,5 million of records) with various hosting accounts. It works absolutely fine. Though dedicated account is preferable for such large email list.

    We use quite smart batch email processing engine to make it work as stable as possible.

  • Q. Can I create absolutely independent user accounts with own email lists, newsletters, settings etc?

    A. You can surely do it with our gold version. Create user account in administrators area and set custom permissions including own mailing groups, newsletters and settings access. Each user will get own admin area with own email lists, newsletters, autoresponders and all the settings.

    You will be able to manage all user accounts with your master administrator account.

    To see it live follow our gold version demo → click Administrators → and then Permissions link

  • Q. Will my emails end up in spam folders?

    A. We don't use any spam technologies. There are no any hidden spam-recognized tags in email header, body or anywhere else. Each sent email will be personalized and will have all valid fields like From:, From Email:, To:, etc.

    All emails sent with our software are absolutely clean for spam filters.

  • Q. I’m using some other mailing list manager at the moment. Can I import my existing email lists and keep using them with your software?

    A. Sure thing. We fully support all known file types for import/export processes. You can import your existing email list from txt, csv, excel, mysql and other file types.

    If you have any difficulties please let us know and we will help you immediately.

  • Q. Can I set custom mailing speed to meet my server limitations?

    A. It is possible to set any mailing speed (number of emails to be sent per hour) to meet your personal needs.

    Or you can use any external smtp server to boost up your mailing speed dramatically.

  • Q. Are there any limits with your software?

    A. No, there are no any limits. You don’t have to worry about the size of your mailing list, number of email you going to send or anything like that. It’s totally unlimited.

  • Q. Does it work with Apple Mac OS X server?

    A. Sure thing. It works perfect with OS X server as long as you have mysql and php in place. These are the only requirements.

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