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  • Q. What can I do with your single license?

    A. With our single license you can install and use our software on one single website only.

    You can still have unlimited number of user and admin accounts.

  • Q. What are the benefits of your World Wide license?

    A. For the price of only two single licenses you can get our World Wide license. However you will get quite valuable benefits. You can install our software on unlimited number of your own websites or servers. You can use it as many times as you want within your company.

    Moreover we provide complete non-encoded source code to World Wide license owners. So you can make any changes to meet your personal needs.

    While most of our competitors will charge you lots of money for each installation you can set it up as many times you want with this kind of license.

  • Q. Great! So what are the benefits of your ISP license?

    A. With ISP license you will get the same benefits as with World Wide license. But you will be able to use our software for your own clients without any limits.

    E.g. a web developer can use our software for own clients and charge them. Hosting company can use software for own customers on free or payable basis. In other words any company can use Mailing List Manager Pro for own clients.

    You can also use it for your own needs just like with World Wide license.

    Full non-encoded source code will be provided.

    Please notice that any kind of advertisement or direct selling of our software prohibited. Otherwise you will simply become our competitor. You can use it for your own clients only and charge them. If you interested in affiliate sales please send us your offers and we will be happy to collaborate with you.

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