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  • Q. Can I get your email marketing software in a German (Spanish, Italian, French, Dutch, Arabic and other) language too?

    A. Our software is fully compatible with all available encodings. We tested it with over 50 world languages and they all supported fine. We use one language file for the whole mailing list manager. So it is really easy to edit all the text or translate software to any language.

    Some clients and friends send us translated versions time after time. However our native language is English and we have no idea of how good is the translation. Please contact us to get the latest translated edition we have at the moment.

  • Q. Can I customize it for my language needs?

    A. Sure thing. All you need to do is edit one language file only. We tried to make it as simple as possible. The source for all image files will be provided as well.

    We have great clients from all over the world including Italy, Spain, Germany, Latin America, Arabic countries and many others.

    Language file is easy to edit and it looks like this:

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