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Advanced import and export features.

Import/export large email lists with any number of custom fields.

All known email lists file formats are supported.

- - +
Advanced autoresponder and mailing campaigns.

Create a series of unlimited follow-up autoresponder tasks. Choose basic, multiple or mailing campaign autoresponder.

Create custom mailing schedule to deliver a series of emails to your subscribers. Select any start/end date or start it for all new subscribers.

- - +
Advanced campaign and link tracking reports.

Get advanced reports on mailing campaigns, click-throughs, new subscribers and more stats.

- - +
User access permissions for each mailing list or newsletter.

Create multiple users and assign access permissions to mailing lists.

Set custom access permissions to  different control panel features.

- - +
Improved subscribers management.

Copy/move group of subscribers to different mailing groups. 

Apply new settings, activate, delete, ban or import/export them.

- - +
Automatic bounced emails.

Choose what you want to do with bounced emails: ignore, delete, move to specific category or ban them.

You can make these emails active again or delete at any time.

- Standard Advanced
Import and export of email lists.

We fully support importing of world standard txt, csv, and xls files.

Select mailing groups to import emails or create them on the fly. Use custom fields in Import and Export.

Limited Standard Advanced
Complete campaign and link tracking reports.

Track mailing campaigns, click-throughs, and get detailed mailing reports.

- Standard Advanced
Advanced subscription and unsubscription forms.

Create custom forms for any mailing group, use custom fields, and custom design.

- Standard Advanced
Advanced online editor.

Use advanced online editor features to build cutting-edge newsletters.

- Standard Advanced
Mailing groups.

Group subscribers with their interests or mailing lists. Import and Export subscribers to any mailing groups.

- Standard Advanced
Search for subscribers.

Save time with advanced search for subscribers

- Standard Advanced
Personalized emails and full variables support (including custom variables).

Use variables to personalize emails and use custom fields to attract customers.

- Standard Advanced
Black lists.

Ban unwanted subscribers with exact email or mask *

- + +
Full double opt-in and opt-out support.

Set double opt-in and out confirmation (customizable).

- + +
Text, HTML or Multi-Part emails.

Create emails in text, html or "multi-part" (text and html) formats.

Basic Standard Advanced
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